An Autobiography by Allen B. Clark
"Dear Sir, I just watched your interview with Larry King again, and I read and own your book.  I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for your service and your continuing life's work and mission, reaching all who need a healing of body, mind, spirit. God bless you and continue to hold you and guide you with continued strength, peace and grace."

- 'Missy' - a double Blue Star Mom, 9/12/2012

"Great book. Great read. Great life."
- Harold, Dallas, Texas

"I gave your book to a Vietnam veteran. Your book helped change him. I have seen a man changed devoted to the Lord."
- Rodney, Dallas, Texas

"I just read it last week and loved it. I tore through it in a few days and plan to reread it as soon as I can. I want you to know that your walk moved me tremendously."
- Robert

"I just completed your book and was very moved by it. Not only was it very well written, but you wove together your Vietnam experience with your spiritual journey in a way that was so natural and compelling."
- Douglas, Army chaplain

"The book is a blessing to read how in the worst of events God can still bring good out of it."
- Stanley, Army chaplain

"As a Soldier and family man, I enjoyed the read. As a writer, I'm fascinated by how he tells the story by jumping around in time and including others' perspectives."
- Pete, New York

" brought back many memories of my time in Vietnam. I feel that anyone, whether they have been in a combat situation or not, will appreciate your book."
- Doyle

"Your story leads us all through the battle for recovery and carrying on after catastrophic events in our lives. Each of us wounded or not can understand this battle and live it with you."
- Peter, Texas

"I can't put it down. Of course as I read it I cried like a baby. Wow! What a wonderful story and obviously a wonderful person."
- Ben, pastor, North Carolina

"As a former English teacher, I can only offer congratulations on your writing a moving and inspiring work which will touch the hearts, minds and souls of those who read it from cover to cover."
- Robert, Pennsylvania

"I shared my copy with my uncle who also fought in Vietnam and experienced several years of 'struggling' following the war. After reading your book, for the first time since the war he talked to me directly about his experiences and was genuinely thankful that he read your book!...Likewise, ...I consider myself a better person because I read your book!"
- Brook, retired Army officer

'I finished it and was inspired by your persistence in turning back from the abyss of despair so many times: amputation and long recovery, election defeats, denial of appointments, bankruptcy, divorce. Any one of those could have destroyed an average person. But you pushed forward and your book shows the way for others. This is a real contribution and a must read for every veteran."
- Ron, Georgia

"Thank you for a great read. Your story is a testament to strong-willed character, self-discipline and perseverance throughout all things, even beyond battle scars."
- Terry, Waltham, Massachusetts

I finished reading (Allen's) book, and I found his words to be very honest and transparent. He definitely shows high and low points of his life, and he explains how his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ matures over time. It is difficult for most people to share their lives with others, yet (Allen) provides a strong witness for Christ in this book. I imagine the book was difficult to write because he shared both his failures and successes.  There were many details of the book I enjoyed, and they made me think about my own life with Christ as well. In many ways, I am very humbled.
- U.S. Army Major, Fort Leavenworth, KS 2009

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